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Including a Combo or Piggyback Loan?

A Combo or Piggyback Loan often refers to a HELOC or Home Equity Loan that is prepared to close at the same time as a primary mortgage. Adding “a bit more paperwork” to the process may seem simple, but for documents that require notarization, they require as much care and attention as the primary loan documentation. Negretes Notaries can coordinate a closing for multiple loans including Combo and Piggyback Loans.

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Why You Need Negretes

Closing loans is an important process, and you need a notary you can trust. Negretes Notaries are available when you need them to verify identities, oversee signing and help to complete your FHA Loan documents.

  • Oversee the closing process including notarizing signatures.
  • Simplify and reduce costs of document signing.
  • Verify signers’ identities for document security.
  • Schedule in-person and online notarization services.

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